About IDD and Digital Technology

Because we are committed to innovation, we use 3shape, the most advanced, state of the art CAD/CAM system on the market.

CAD--By choosing 3shape, we 100% control design of zirconia copings, frameworks, full contour crowns in a variety of materials, custom abutments and more.

CAM--3shape's open scan system gives you the choice of any type of restoration on the market today and also gives us the power in choosing the absolute best, most predictable, highest quality milling.



















The Market’s Most Complete 3D Scans

Two cameras with reduced angle enables impressions, deep inlays and full undercuts to be scanned effectively. The 3-axis motion system tilts, rotates and translates the object, facilitating scanning from any viewpoint - more than 350 degrees of a sphere. the system is optimized for scanning both impressions and stone models and enables many materials for both standard and advanced indications. 3Shape’s high scan accuracy is validated in accordance with ISO 12836. This standard specifies a test protocol for the assessment of crown and bridge accuracy in dental scanners using specially designed and validated ISO objects.



Digital Impressions/Intra-Oral Scanning

Let us know which intra-oral scanning system you have so we can determine if we are currently compatible or what steps we need to take to become compatible. If you are considering purchasing an intra-oral scanning system, maybe we can help. Below are a few links for your review.

Trios Intra-Oral Scanner from 3shape


Itero Intra-Oral Scanner


Lava C.O.S. Intra-Oral Scanner


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