• Valuable Tip 1

    Take a bite registration prior to numbing patient.

  • Valuable Tip 2

    Record shade as soon as patient gets in the chair to avoid dehydration which can happen within minutes.

  • Valuable Tip 3

    Take photographs as soon as patient gets in chair. Use shade tabs in photos and be sure to capture tab info.

  • Valuable Tip 4

    Record and communicate in writing or with photographs the shade of the prep (referred to as stump shade) for any type of metal free case.

  • Valuable Tip 5

    Email or include with case quality, useful photographs.

  • Valuable Tip 6

    Provide models or impressions of pre-op or accepted provisional, especially on on anterior cases, multi unit cases and mal-occlusion cases.

  • Valuable Tip 7

    Double check the occlusal clearance. Use a boley gauge to measure temporaries prior to cementing or make a mousse bite registration on the prep area and measure it. Make any necessary adjustments to preparation for adequate clearance prior to impression.